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Winter morning in the forest…

On my morning walk along Hoy Creek Trail, after checking on the salmon at Hoy Creek Hatchery this morning I was blessed to witness this sight.  I just love light coming through the trees. It’s magical…

This very old stump above is a favourite spot for photos any time of year and children can even climb within this stump.

I love the colourful contrast of white snow on this bright green moss.


The forest was alive with the sounds of chickadees, and I was pleased to capture this little black-capped chickadee hopping along a moss-covered tree branch chirping and nibbling.


Merry Christmas!

(Photo: Robbin Whachell)
(Photo: Robbin Whachell)

Christmas is still a magical time of the year for me, no matter how old I get. It helps that some of my children still live under my roof, as it urges me to continue on with our traditions. I pray I will keep up with that spirit after I have an empty nest…

It also helps when there is snow! I took this photo in November when we happened to have snow for almost 7 days.  This is the trail to Hoy Creek close to where I live.

Merry Christmas everyone!

(fade to rain…)