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Best Intentions

BEST INTENTIONS — So last week I traveled to Grand Bahama riding on a mountain of stress. I had spent close to an entire week at my computer chair following Hurricane Matthew and reporting information to our Bahamas Weekly readers, and group members on the Facebook page “Bahamas News and Events.”   I went to Grand Bahama, not to report on the hurricane aftermath, but to get a friend off the island who was in a very bad way health-wise. During my 24-hr trip en-route to Grand Bahama, I managed to get online only a few very brief times. And it was during this travel to the island that I screwed up on an article I posted regarding a client’s business, and subsequently I lost this 10-year client.

Flying in to Freeport after realizing the upset I had caused had me feeling sicker in the pit of my stomach than seeing the devastation of the island after Matthew. I went in person to apologize, and try and explain that my heart was in the right place the entire time. That my sole intention was to assist my client. I have to face that I screwed up. Some times people are not willing to forgive or work with you to make things right again. I have to accept that. All I can do is move on, and continue as always, with my best intention.

I want to share a lovely note (there have been many) received today from a Grand Bahama resident:

“Robbin,  Thank you so much for having kept everybody informed around the clock during the hurricane. It was a very important source of info for many people on and off island,  We did rely on your posts all through this ordeal. That was real dedicated and professional journalism and you deserve a medal for this work. Heartfelt thanks.”

I have many friends that are my family on Grand Bahama, and the other islands of the Bahamas. I do not deserve a medal… Through my concern and love for them, I was simply assisting the only way I knew how. It was the least I could do…

Ugandan song, WOMAN a suitable anthem for International Women’s Day

Juliana Kanyomozi is one of the most popular contemporary musical artists in East Africa today and her latest song, WOMAN could very well be the theme song of International Women’s Day! When I first saw and listened to this song on Facebook, I played it over and over and over. 

My children are now young adults, and through my years of motherhood, my view of womanhood has changed and grown. I have a deep respect, because I’ve walked the path.

So inspired was I by this song, I had to reach out to Juliana to get more information. I am glad I did!

Aside from being extremely beautiful herself (she was named ‘most stylish female celebrity 2014’ at the Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards) the video shows the beauty of the many faces / facets a ‘woman’, and depicts her love, care, hard work and guidance – from mother, caregiver, worker, and on. It definitely speaks volumes, stirs emotions, and will warm your heart.

“This song shares the pride I have for women,”  Juliana told me.  “How they are able to triumph against many odds… and how they don’t let life’s struggles and adversities stop them from striving.” And yes, a woman often has to fight for her rights and for her family.

The female anthem is said to be her comeback song after losing her only child. “She went through a lot thinking about what to sing about most, especially after what happened to her last year. Composing a club banger was the last thing on her mind,” reported UgandaOnline.com.

“I’m celebrating  the warrior woman,” said Juliana.

The music video what shot in Kampala, the capital city of Uganda the artist, who has been described as a goddess of joy by her Rwandese fans,  stands proudly against a Ugandan sky at dusk wearing a stunning white gown made by designer Tina Byaruhanga.

More than just a singing sensation, Juliana is actively involved in works of charity within Uganda, and is a patron of ‘I AM CHILDREN’S ORPHANAGE’, a centre for orphans located in Lungujja in Kampala. She is also a member of the Musicians Club, and is involved in activities that discover and nurture talent in Uganda, as well as being a vigilant artist on issues of copyright law in Uganda. That definitely is a warrior!

Looking towards her future, the artist said, “I have plans to take my music out there to the world. I’d like to work with different artists and producers across the globe. I’m excited about my future.”

Her song is doing well on social media, and has surpassed a million views on Facebook after being released in early February.  It can be viewed on Youtube here.

“I’d like to thank everyone who has taken time to listen to WOMAN. Personally it speaks to my soul as I’ve been through my own share of trials, struggles and also triumphed in many things as a female artist. I hope WOMAN inspires all women out there who get to hear it,” said Juliana.

“WOMAN” lyrics:

We don’t know how she always finds her way.
The mystery of a woman
A saviour in a time of need
The bravery of a woman
In your time of need she does the deed
The magic of a woman

Woman woman
A warrior is a woman
Woman woman
A saviour is a woman
Yeaa eeehh

When a man will cry a woman smiles
Her shoes have walked a thousand miles
The sticks of stone can’t break her bones

She welcomes all her friends and foes
When her spirit’s down she has no time to frown
A warrior is a woman


Bountiful wonderful
Is her frame of mine
Beautiful colourful
Style is one of a kind
Her womanhood and her motherhood
Are her strength and pride
Her warmth and grace
She cannot hide
The wonders of a woman


Written by Juliana
Produced by D King at Neutriq Town
Video by Savy Filmz
Directed by Sasha Vybes

More about the multi-awardwinning artist:

Juliana started professional singing in the early 2000’s. Throughout her career she has recorded ground-breaking hits that have included: Say It, Mama Mbire, Taata Wa Baana, Nabikoowa, Kibaluma, Usiende Mbali and the pivotal rendition of Philly Lutaaya’s Diana.

She is the reigning East African female artist of the year 2012/2013, Best female Musician – East Africa – Kora Awards – 2012/2013, Best International Afro Beat Act – BEFTA Awards – UK – 2012/2013, Warid Woman of Substance Award – 2012/2013 for Entertainment category.


Best R&B song: PAM AWARDS – 2003.
Best R&B Artist PAM AWARDS – 2004
Best R&B single PAM Awards – 2005
Song of the year: PAM Awards – 2005
Female Artist of the year PAM Awards – 2005
Best R&B Artist PAM Awards – 2005
Best R&B Artist PAM Awards – 2007
Artist of the year PAM Awards – 2008
Female Artist of the year PAM Awards – 2008
Best R&B Artist PAM Awards – 2008

  • Female Artist of the year: East African Music Awards 2011/2012
  • East African Artist of the year: Kora Awards 2012/2013
  • Warid Woman of Substance: Warid Woman of Substance award 2012/2013
  • Airtel Woman of Substance: Airtel Woman of Substance award 2014
  • Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards: Most Stylish female celebrity 2014

Juliana Kanyomozi on Facebook




Coming up at the Coquitlam Crunch

So the Coquitlam Crunch has gained much momentum since putting in the 437 stairs (295 metres / 967 feet) at the first span up The Crunch.  So much so that a new facebook page for those that love the stairs as a work-out has come about. Coquitlam Crunch Stair Crushers now has close to 150 members. I am one of its members and it took me  awhile to realize that this group does focus on the stairs  (duh Robbin). I was simple excited to find a Facebook page related to The Crunch in any event, but I was confused for a while on all the group’s focus as to how many times persons were doing ‘the stairs.’

I work from home, so when I get out to walk, hike etc, I want to see more than those stairs.  My time is also not as limited perhaps as many of the 9-5 jobbers who need to fit in a tight and concise workout, which the stairs portion does provide.

For me the entire Coquitlam Crunch is what I  love, as this way I get the intensity of the stairs, but also the beauty and endurance of the complete hike up to the top. The 2.2 km trail spans from Guildford Way, where I walk up to the Landsdowne entrance (you can park your car there at a designated lot above the lacrosse courts)and keep going crossing two more roads to the top of Westwood Plateau at Eagle Mountain. It’s a beautiful view from an elevation of 794 feet (242 m) with Mount Baker visible in the distance.

Taken the week of August 18th. New short stairs just past the flower garden heading up.  Slight detour and no worries.  (Photo: Robbin Whachell)
Taken the week of August 18th. New short stairs just past the flower garden heading up. Slight detour and no worries. (Photo: Robbin Whachell)

The City of Coquitlam continues to enhance the popular trail which is part of its 90-km trail system,  a portion of the Trans-Canada Trail.

Almost complete now is a new short stair system in the second rise above the stairs and across the street past the beautiful gardens that one resident has placed in (over their fence) which seems to be for our enjoyment exclusively.

After my run in with a bear on another trail in Coquitlam this year, I do feel safe to walk The Crunch year-round as their seems to be enough traffic noise and people to keep it safer from the big furry four-legged ones, however some crunchers do wear the bear bells, which are smart in any event.  However one Stair Crusher reported sounds of a bear while doing an early morning hike, so do take heed.

Bears are not the only concern, as it seems many two-leggeds bring their pet four-leggeds out for exercise and leave those nice little plastic bag bundles along the path! Hello… I’d rather see flowers!  It might help if the City of Coquitlam put in a trash can at the base of the stairs section, as within the first 100 stairs the other day I passed 4 colourful doggy-doo bags on the ground. Come on people!

When I first wrote about the main stair system being put in the City had marked the stairs with number points which helped a lot of people assess their workout progress, however the rain had since worn the white marks off, and I do believe a good citizen has taken it upon them self to add some numbers back. Thank you!

See you there! I plan on volunteering.
See you there! I plan on volunteering.

Coming up this September is the return of the Coquitlam Crunch Diversity Challenge. “Alexander Bell has teamed up with the Coquitlam Foundation to create a Diversity Initiative Fund for Coquitlam. Bell’s goal is to raise $10,000 over five years so that the fund will begin to generate enough interest to start distributing annual grants within the Tri-Cities. This is the 5th year for the Coquitlam Crunch Diversity Challenge and so far $9,697.14 has been raised. The more money that is raised, the larger the yearly grant that can help support diversity initiatives in the community.

The event starts at 6:30am for the ‘Make It or Break It’ category or 10:00am for the ‘Recreational’ category Coquitlam resident and Safe Harbour Co-ordinator,  Bell, is inviting the community to join him to walk the Coquitlam Crunch to raise money for a Community Diversity fund with the Coquitlam Foundation.

Last year a third category was added called the “Anything’s Possible Trail” for people with mobility challenges. This category starts at 10:30am from the Church parking lot on David Avenue and follows a paved portion of the Crunch trail up past the dog park.

The event is said to happen rain or shine, and I am personally planning to help volunteer at the event this year to get a closer look.

We’ve been blessed with another hot summer, which has given us more time to use this wonderful trail, and I am hoping that an Indian Summer ensues so that we can enjoy these warm days and hikes for many days ahead before the west coast rains set in for the winter.  I do hope to maintain my visits during the rainy season, but I know it won’t be as often.

Rain or shine, see you at The Crunch!

Halfway done... non slip grating to be added with white edge markers.
Halfway done… non slip grating to be added with white edge markers. (Photo: Robbin Whachell)

Bahamians meet Bahamians in Vancouver, Canada

I lived in The Bahamas for 13 years and I am the editor and co-founder of a leading news site, TheBahamasWeekly.com, so I breath, eat and sleep Bahamas.  I’ve been living back in Canada now for 3 years and run my business from here.  I was very excited to get an invite to a new Facebook group.

It’s only been a few months since Nassau born Chris Lowe of Vancouver started the “Bahamians in Vancouver” facebook group page in hopes of finding other Bahamians in the area.  When he did, it saw instant results, as within 24 hours the page had over 40 members.

Those that could attend made it to the first meetup within the first month hosted at the home of Gareth and Nina Hanna, and a second meetup was scheduled for July 27th at the Caribbean Days Festival in North Vancouver.  The event is organized by the Trinidad and Tobago Society of B.C., and it encourages other nations of the Caribbean to come together and celebrate their cultures. The event is over two days formally but the Society hosts many other events throughout the year.

We set a time to meet, and Chris instructed ‘under the Bahamian flag’ which I thought odd as I know the group was not formally participating, but only attending. I’d never been to the Festival before so thought they must have flags perhaps of all the nations flying.

When I arrived off schedule I was lucky to run into a Jamaican friend, who helps with the event, and runs the Facebook page ‘Caribbean Vibes’.  Trevor told me that the Bahamians were around as he’d seen their flag earlier. I knew then they were not at a stationary location.

I started walking around and it only took me 5 minutes to spot the Turquoise, Black and Gold flying above heads at the already very busy event early afternoon.

Thanks to Chris and his steadfast carrying and waving of the Bahamian flag we had no trouble finding one another over a 4 hour period. A group of about 12 of us overall showed up that day.  Some of the group were university graduates, working professionals, or enjoying retirement, and one was just visiting from Nassau.  It was great to make new friends, and discuss The Bahamas.

It was surprising how many people in the crowd did not recognize the flag.  We hope to change that next year and have a stronger representation and participate in the festival officially with the help of Tourism. Bahamians who live in Vancouver or throughout B.C. are encouraged to join the group. Since forming the group,  the Bahamas High Commission in Canada has made contact to provide pertinent updates that may affect Bahamians living in Canada or abroad.

Michael Hall, friend Sandy, Robbin Whachell, and Chris Lowe
Introductions. Kristian Plakaris, Dani Smith, and Syntche Smith meet Ken Smith for the first time. Chris Lowe carries the Bahamian flag.