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Amanda Strong

“When I think about the reasons Indigenous people live in Third World conditions in a First World country and wrestle with how best to explain what I have come to know to the average Canadian, I draw on first-hand knowledge of the history of Indian status registration and entitlement provisions within the Indian Act, as well as Indigenous women’s attempts to eliminate sex discrimination resulting from the act. My own section 15 charter challenge regarding the continued sex discrimination in the Indian Act was recently heard in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice…”  Read more – click link below:

Canada’s Indian Policy is a Process of Deception – Briarpatch Magazine.

King Empire Entertainment Partners With B. Howard In Worldwide Deal

His name has been synonymous with his work with R&B legends such as NeYo, Akon, Teddy Riley, Wyclef Jean and Marqus Houston. As a producer, he’s already gone platinum worldwide. And his musical pedigree? Impressive, to say the least.

Now, R&B / POP singer and producer B. HOWARD is taking his already storied career in a new direction by joining forces with KING EMPIRE ENTERTAINMENT, a small start-up record label and artist management company based in Canada’s capital, Ottawa.

“Signing an artist with the talent, scope and credibility of B. Howard would be a coup for any record label. For KEE, it represents the culmination of our entire approach to supporting music through collaborative artist development. There really is no one else with a sound like B. Howard’s. He has the expertise to put together songs for Top 10 artists, and now he’s doing it for himself,” says Angie Haddad, founder owner.

Phil Quartararo, widely regarded as one of the most promotion-minded executives in the industry, will manage B. Howard in partnership with Tribeca/Perfection Management. Quartararo was instrumental in the careers of countless artists, from Linkin Park, Janet Jackson and Madonna to Keith Urban.

“We are proud to be associated with Brandon and the promise of his budding career,” he says.

B. Howard’s innate talent as a singer, songwriter and producer has led to collaborations with some of the biggest names in the industry, including Miguel, Vanessa Hudgens, Jason Derulo and Ciara. His 2010 FIFA world cup song, “Ke Nako”, with J. Pre, Wyclef Jean and Jazmine Sulivan,was officially endorsed by the late Nelson Mandela before he died.

In addition, he carries a significant musical legacy. Born Brandon Alexander Howard to R&B singer Miki Howard, he spent much of his early years at Hayvenhurst-the Jackson family home-and his musical family included legends like Gerald Levert, Chaka Khan and Howard McCrary.

“My music is a reflection of who I truly am as an artist-not who people or the media think I am. The title of my first North American album with KEE is Nothing to Prove. That pretty much says it all. I’m looking forward to dropping it later this year,” says B. Howard.

“When Angie and I decided to partner up, we wanted combine our methods into a new label form that works. I see this going further than anyone expects; something equal to MoTown or Def Jam,” he says.

(Photo credit: Ohrangutang)

Written by King Empire Entertainment Global 

Psychology and the Doggy-Doo Bag

I recall the old days when you would be out walking and you would have to dodge the little piles of dog poo here and there along lawn-edged sidewalks or during a stroll in the park. “Watch out for dog doo!”  was the refrain when mom would take us to the park, and if you did get it on your shoe, it was a mammoth task to get that smell off.  I have memories of running barefoot through our lawn in Alberta as a child, enjoying the fresh coolness of the dewy grass – that is until I stepped into a fresh pile of our dog’s doo!

Life’s changed a lot since then, and society and pet owner’s have had to adapt to city bylaws that have most definitely made modern times a little less unsightly… or so we’d hope.  To get us trained like ‘good little humans,’ they started us off with free bag dispensers in all the park areas in most cities in Canada.  We now have the handy-dandy doggy-doo bags that are in a convenient roll and even come in pretty colours and designs. Tie a roll to your dog leash and you are never left in the lurch when you take anxious Fido out for a quick walk. I hope at least that they have passed laws to ensure those little pretty baggies are indeed biodegradable? The amount of disposable diapers filling our earth is bad enough.

Garbage cans for waste are more prevalent than the old days, but there never seems to be enough trash cans around when you need them most.  I hold my breath while passing doggy dumpsters – those metal bins that seem to be airtight  (like that makes sense?) the smell is unbearable.  Please give those garbage people a raise! Did they not think that it might be better to have air holes in them so they don’t start brewing?

Being  a nature lover I get outside as much as possible.  The most disheartening thing I see on walks, is not the inevitable bits of trash here and there, it’s the randomly discarded doggy-doo bag.

But just wait a minute!?  People take time to go out and buy the baggies; then they take the time to scoop up their dog’s doo (thin plastic between flesh and fresh warm poo); they take the time to tie the little knot at the top; and then they illegally drop them along places that are close to where they walk.

I see doggy bags everywhere! Watch out, I may just send out the Doggy-doo police...
I see doggy bags everywhere! Watch out, I may just send out the Doggy-doo police…

I can’t understand the logic and I’ve been pondering this for months now, trying to think through all sorts of scenarios as to the ‘why,’  Like maybe, just maybe, their doggy bag was just freaking them out one day and felt too hot to handle, or the colour did not match their track suit and matching runners (note to self… get the ‘neon pink’ baggies next time I hit the store). Or they had no idea when the next trash can was coming up on the path or trail, and ‘I’ll be d*mned if I am going to walk any further with this in my hand!’

Added to this ‘crime’ there are many ‘types of tosses’ I have noticed.  There is the just drop it where you are dumps; the fling its – “how about into those bushes over there, so no one sees it”  not thinking about the other three seasons when the leaves are thinner or down!). Lastly there’s the good ole’ fling-it up high into those woods over there dumps (Oops darn, it got caught on a branch) — another new anomaly when the leaves drop.

Wouldn’t it have been better in all these cases just to let nature take it’s course, and led the unsightly simply dry out into dust!?

Finally  I figured it the psychosis of it!  I think people who take time to buy and use the doggy-doo bag really don’t like to see a mess, or be associated to one. They take the time do do what’s right and purchase and pick up the poo.  They don’t like the poo so much, that when they are out walking, and know they still have a ways to go, they begin to not like the idea that they are holding on to the poo; and they feel uncomfortable being SEEN with the poo in the colourful bag (now a beacon) in their hand, and heaven-forbid should someone they know pass them and see them holding poo!

Relieving such stress has only one remedy, and it’s the quick flick of the wrist.  Done, gone, did NOT happen!

So how do we solve such a situation with these new types of litterers? Do we create doggy-doo police?  We need a solution, something that resolves being SEEN with a doggy-doo bag in our hand. It could just be the next money maker in the pet industry.

Then I got it! I will invent  a new carrying container so you won’t be seen with the baggy. No one can know what it is, so it will look like a water bottle (yes!), and of course it will come in all colours (neon too), but it can’t be clear, or black (think hot summer).  You can carry it along like you would your water, and it will hold your doggy-doo bag/s inconspicuously inside, so no one will have to know you are carrying your dog’s s#&!

Until then watch out for the Doggy-doo Police! They are disguized and normal humans, out enjoying their day!

(The video below I shot while out on a run in my neighbourhood. I call this felony the ‘Daily dump’)


Robbin Whachell lives in Coquitlam, BC and is a volunteer for the local watershed society. In her spare time she likes to hike The Crunch and  explore her community by taking photos and sharing her thoughts on what she sees.

The haunted fireplace

The jokes on me!  (Photo:
The jokes on me! (Photo:

So it’s been a year since I’ve left the highrise apartment to my humble abode on the ground by the creek.  It’s almost spring and a sound has returned from one year ago.  Each morning I’d hear a drilling sound like it was coming from deep underground, like someone was drilling next to sewage pipes near our house. It was often around 7am so that perturbed me as I wondered who was allowed to do city work that early.

I was up in the kitchen today and heard the sound again,  and it seemed to be coming from the fireplace. Wth…?
I walked to the fireplace and waited and sure enough the sound was coming loud and clear from it.

Puzzled, I shrugged it off, and went back to the kitchen sink to continue my tasks. Looking out the window (it faces the neighbor’s house), there, low and behold, a bird was on top at the chimney pipe there, and it was a woodpecker.  I heard his drumming, then a pause – then I’d hear drumming from our fireplace.  The woodpecker I saw was responding to the one that had to be on our house doing the same thing.

This went on for half an hour. At least today it was a decent time!

Ugandan song, WOMAN a suitable anthem for International Women’s Day

Juliana Kanyomozi is one of the most popular contemporary musical artists in East Africa today and her latest song, WOMAN could very well be the theme song of International Women’s Day! When I first saw and listened to this song on Facebook, I played it over and over and over. 

My children are now young adults, and through my years of motherhood, my view of womanhood has changed and grown. I have a deep respect, because I’ve walked the path.

So inspired was I by this song, I had to reach out to Juliana to get more information. I am glad I did!

Aside from being extremely beautiful herself (she was named ‘most stylish female celebrity 2014’ at the Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards) the video shows the beauty of the many faces / facets a ‘woman’, and depicts her love, care, hard work and guidance – from mother, caregiver, worker, and on. It definitely speaks volumes, stirs emotions, and will warm your heart.

“This song shares the pride I have for women,”  Juliana told me.  “How they are able to triumph against many odds… and how they don’t let life’s struggles and adversities stop them from striving.” And yes, a woman often has to fight for her rights and for her family.

The female anthem is said to be her comeback song after losing her only child. “She went through a lot thinking about what to sing about most, especially after what happened to her last year. Composing a club banger was the last thing on her mind,” reported

“I’m celebrating  the warrior woman,” said Juliana.

The music video what shot in Kampala, the capital city of Uganda the artist, who has been described as a goddess of joy by her Rwandese fans,  stands proudly against a Ugandan sky at dusk wearing a stunning white gown made by designer Tina Byaruhanga.

More than just a singing sensation, Juliana is actively involved in works of charity within Uganda, and is a patron of ‘I AM CHILDREN’S ORPHANAGE’, a centre for orphans located in Lungujja in Kampala. She is also a member of the Musicians Club, and is involved in activities that discover and nurture talent in Uganda, as well as being a vigilant artist on issues of copyright law in Uganda. That definitely is a warrior!

Looking towards her future, the artist said, “I have plans to take my music out there to the world. I’d like to work with different artists and producers across the globe. I’m excited about my future.”

Her song is doing well on social media, and has surpassed a million views on Facebook after being released in early February.  It can be viewed on Youtube here.

“I’d like to thank everyone who has taken time to listen to WOMAN. Personally it speaks to my soul as I’ve been through my own share of trials, struggles and also triumphed in many things as a female artist. I hope WOMAN inspires all women out there who get to hear it,” said Juliana.

“WOMAN” lyrics:

We don’t know how she always finds her way.
The mystery of a woman
A saviour in a time of need
The bravery of a woman
In your time of need she does the deed
The magic of a woman

Woman woman
A warrior is a woman
Woman woman
A saviour is a woman
Yeaa eeehh

When a man will cry a woman smiles
Her shoes have walked a thousand miles
The sticks of stone can’t break her bones

She welcomes all her friends and foes
When her spirit’s down she has no time to frown
A warrior is a woman


Bountiful wonderful
Is her frame of mine
Beautiful colourful
Style is one of a kind
Her womanhood and her motherhood
Are her strength and pride
Her warmth and grace
She cannot hide
The wonders of a woman


Written by Juliana
Produced by D King at Neutriq Town
Video by Savy Filmz
Directed by Sasha Vybes

More about the multi-awardwinning artist:

Juliana started professional singing in the early 2000’s. Throughout her career she has recorded ground-breaking hits that have included: Say It, Mama Mbire, Taata Wa Baana, Nabikoowa, Kibaluma, Usiende Mbali and the pivotal rendition of Philly Lutaaya’s Diana.

She is the reigning East African female artist of the year 2012/2013, Best female Musician – East Africa – Kora Awards – 2012/2013, Best International Afro Beat Act – BEFTA Awards – UK – 2012/2013, Warid Woman of Substance Award – 2012/2013 for Entertainment category.


Best R&B song: PAM AWARDS – 2003.
Best R&B Artist PAM AWARDS – 2004
Best R&B single PAM Awards – 2005
Song of the year: PAM Awards – 2005
Female Artist of the year PAM Awards – 2005
Best R&B Artist PAM Awards – 2005
Best R&B Artist PAM Awards – 2007
Artist of the year PAM Awards – 2008
Female Artist of the year PAM Awards – 2008
Best R&B Artist PAM Awards – 2008

  • Female Artist of the year: East African Music Awards 2011/2012
  • East African Artist of the year: Kora Awards 2012/2013
  • Warid Woman of Substance: Warid Woman of Substance award 2012/2013
  • Airtel Woman of Substance: Airtel Woman of Substance award 2014
  • Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards: Most Stylish female celebrity 2014

Juliana Kanyomozi on Facebook